ShieldSafe Features

ShieldSafe defrags, compacts and optimizes your system with only a click of a button.

Boosts speed

Boosts Speed

Shield Safe scans specifically for errors and invalid keys known to cause lag and lengthen the time it takes for programs and computer to start up

Protects Privacy

Protects Privacy

Identify potentially dangerous tracking cookies and even security weaknesses that malware and hackers can use to steal your personal data or damage your PC

Fixes issues

Fixes Issues

Nobody wants their programs and internet to crash, especially the dreaded blue screen of death. Shield Safe fixes a wide range of potentially harmful issues

User Friendly

User Friendly

An easy to use intuitive interface allows anyone to optimize their Mac's performance without needing to be a technical whiz.

Registry Detection

Registry Detection

15 advanced scanners each targeting unique elements of performance, stability and security ensure you the highest quality of results and optimization.

24-7 Support

24/7 Support

Our support team is happy to help and available by email and live chat. We'll walk you through the product and provide any assistance you should need

Shield Safe uses a high performance algorithm to scan potentially harmful files and applications stored within your computers registry and hardrive. At the touch of a button Shield Safe will remove any unwanted files allowing your PC to perform in its optimal state.